A Personal Journey of Leading Teams through Change

By:Gary Carandang

Change is the only constant now in business. In a fast-changing business landscape, leaders are tasked to successfully navigate and take their Teams through the change process.

I will be sharing in my course “A Journey of Change and Business Transformation: Successfully Leading Teams through Change” this coming March 8, 2019, my experiences in navigating and leading my teams through several change and business transformation initiatives I was involved with while working with some multinational companies. I will be outlining the steps we took and the success factors that worked throughout the change process.

Here are the following sections:

        I. From Crisis to Action - What needs to be done?

        Most of the time crisis can be paralyzing. In this section, I will share steps and actions taken to get my Team into motion.

        II. Building a Team of Change Agents- Organizing the Team through Change

        Getting most of the Team members to embrace the change and become change agents are the tasks a Leader should prioritize. I will share my experiences in organizing teams to drive the change needed. 

        III. A Culture of Actions and Results – A Structured Process in driving Performance

        In a change process (specially in a crisis!), actions and results orientation are key to deliver business results. Learn how I managed performance to drive results through a structured process.

        IV. Celebrating Wins – Building Wins and the role of Recognition and Rewards as motivator

        Motivating your team in a challenging period of change can be a very difficult task. Building a high performing Team requires the highest level of motivation even during times of change.

        V. Building Confidence – How to build confidence of the Team

        The Team should have the highest-level of confidence to drive change and the desired business results in the face of change. They need to have the confidence of a “can do” attitude

        VI. Leadership Essentials in driving change – Be the change that you want to be.

        Leaders play a crucial role in navigating the change and leading the team through the change process. I'll be sharing some of my thoughts about the Leadership traits needed to successfully lead a Team through change.

        VII. Sustaining the Transformation – Building more Wins

        Sustaining the desired transformation can be achieved through sustaining more wins along the journey of change.

Change can be a daunting and difficult task for a Leader but with the RIGHT Leadership and Change Process it can be managed well.

Gary Carandang is a Senior Consultant for Corporate Achievers Institute. He is a seasoned leader with 30 years of solid track record and experience in multinational companies. He has also worked in cross cultural environments having been expatriated in Switzerland and Thailand and joined mission assignments in the other South East Asian countries. He specializes in the areas of General Management, Commercial and Operations Integration, with emphasis on Leadership and Team Development and Strategy Execution for Leaders, Teams and Business Organizations.