Effective Presentations in the Business Setting

Rowen Untivero

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Many great ideas and recommendations are lost due to ineffectively organized and poorly delivered presentations. On the bright side, ideas and proposals that get adopted and approved are also significantly attributable to properly crafted and excellently delivered presentations. Learn from a multifaceted leader with three-decade training and consulting experience in sales, marketing and management and start delivering presentations that win people's minds and hearts.

April-June 2022, tentative
4 sessions, 3 hours per session
LIVE via Zoom


    This training is for you if you prepare and deliver presentations internally, externally or both. This includes:

    • Entrepreneurs    

    • Executives

    • Managers

    • Committee Leaders

    • Supervisors

    • Marketing Personnel

    • Technical Personnel

    • Customer front-liners

    • Salespeople

    • Customer-service personnel

    • Staff from other departments
      who deliver presentations to management  


      Part 1: Preparing Dynamic Presentations

                    ·       Framework, System and Tool Input - Developing Business Presentations Strategically

                          o   Mansmith’s “P.R.E.P.S” guide and tool

                          o   Pentacles of Meetings and Presentation Purposes

                                o   Analysis of audience role
                                o   Matrix of Content-Structure and Execution vs Personality Type
                                o   4Ss of Organizing Presentation Ideas

                    ·        Breakout Application Workshop - Developing Business Presentations Strategically (Asynchronous)

                    o   Developing Business Presentation Strategy Using the P.R.E.P.S. Tool
                    o   Preparing for Q&A 

                    Session 2: Preparing the Presentation Slides /Alternative Visual Aids

                    ·       Framework and Methods Input -Preparing the Presentation Materials: Slides /Alternative Visual Aids

                        o   The P.R.E.P.S. Tool

                        o   5Cs of Sequencing Presentation Substance

                        o   Mansmith’s “C.A.U.S.E.” Framework-Process for persuasive presentations 

                    ·        Workshop Applying 1B1 to 1A2 output- Preparing the Presentation Materials: Slides /Alternative Visual Aids (Asynchronous)                   

                    Part 2: Delivering Audience-centric Presentations

                       o   Managing 4 Kinds of Audience Dispositions
                    o   Appealing to the Trichotomy of Audience Perspectives

                       o   Presentation Execution Components (Face-to-face and Virtual) 

                          o   Handling of Presentation Materials, Equipment and Technology (Face-to-face and Virtual) 

                                o   Q & A Handling

                          o   Simulation of actual presentation execution including answering questions using the appropriate      mode

                                o   Opportunity for multi-perspective learning (as presenter, peer-observer critic, audience and more!) 


                    Rowen Untivero

                    Partner and Senior Consultant

                    With more than 3 decades of Training and Consulting Experience, he has successfully formed and led many organizations across a wide variety of industries. He has been a valuable contributing member and coach to all kinds of teams from start-ups, on-track, off-track to troubled ones. He has injected science and developed original frameworks, processes, and tools to practicably demystify and systematize leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective coordination, and smoothen communication in organizations. He provides a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to the front-liner and staff member and has had exposure in almost every industry.

                    Date & Time
                    April 1, 2022
                    Start - 8:00 AM
                    May 31, 2022
                    End - 8:30 AM Asia/Manila

                    Live via Zoom

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                    --Live via Zoom--
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