Persuasive Communication for Strategy Execution

Malu Dy Buncio

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See in today's war where Russia is invading Ukraine
how strong communication can lead a nation that is clearly the underdog? 

Persuasive communication is vital to leading an organization and ensuring cohesive implementation of strategies. This interactive course teaches the art and science of persuasive communication that will lead to better executed strategies. Learn from a seasoned business leader, one who has managed a P11 billion company with over 1000 employees and 250,000 independent sales representatives, how to strategically communicate and persuade at all levels in your organization.

April-June 2022, tentative
4 sessions, 3 hours per session
LIVE via Zoom


    This training is for you if you wish to communicate more persuasively both upwards with their superiors, downwards with your subordinates as well as sideways with peers. This includes: 

    • Top executives  
    • Department heads  

    • Marketing, Sales and Training departments
    • Newly promoted supervisors and managers
    • Aspiring leaders


                  Session 1: Framework for Effective Communications 
                  • Analyzing your audience

                  • Tailoring your message against a recommended framework

                  • Individual exercise (key points using pre-work) 

                  Session 2: Tools and Techniques for Content and Delivery (Part I)
                  • Creating a communication plan 

                  • Tools and techniques for crafting business presentations, business updates and employee updates 

                  Session 3: Tools and Techniques for Content and Delivery (Part II) 
                  • Script writing, visuals aids, physical impressions

                  • Body language and speaking techniques

                  • Presentation of pre-work and rework  

                  Session 4: Communicating in Different Situations 
                  • Keynote addresses, extemporaneous talks, sales rally talks, opening remarks, closing remarks 

                  • Dealing with media
                  • Staying on time and controlling an audience



                  Malu Dy Buncio

                  Senior Consultant

                  COACH Senior Consultant Malu Dy Buncio served as the Executive Director for Regional and Business Development for Asia Pacific under Avon Products- Asia Pacific Regional Office. She is also the former President Director of P.T Avon, Indonesia, former General Manager of Avon (Philippines), Agora Awardee (Asia Pacific) ’99 and former VP of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.

                  Date & Time
                  April 1, 2022
                  Start - 8:00 AM
                  May 31, 2022
                  End - 8:30 AM Asia/Manila

                  Live via Zoom

                  --Live via Zoom--
                  --Live via Zoom--
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                  Malu Dy Buncio

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