Resolving Organizational and Interpersonal Conflicts

Rowen Untivero

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While there are conflicts that are too trivial to bother with, there are those that if left unresolved, would hamper the organization’s ability to effectively and productively reach company-wide goals.

This program equips leaders with framework, processes, tools and skills to objectively and effectively resolve conflict. A multifaceted leader with three-decade training and consulting experience in sales, marketing and management uses case analysis and role-plays to allow participants to have a safe laboratory trial usage of their newfound knowledge and
skill implants.

April-June 2022, tentative
4 sessions, 2 hours per session
LIVE via Zoom


    This training is for you if you want a process-centered approach in resolving conflicts and an easy-to-use tool to quickly apply at work. This course is beneficial to: 

    • Leaders and managers at all levels    

    • Businessmen and entrepreneurs 

    • Front liners
    • People who interface with other units or departments 

                KEY TOPICS

                  Session 1: Myths and Malpractices in Conflict and Issue Resolution
                  • Common myths & malpractices
                  • Pitfall of such myths and malpractices
                  • Recommended alternative practices

                  Session 2Anatomy of Conflict and Issues
                  • Sources of conflicts and issues
                  • Types of conflicts and issues 
                  • Underlying reasons for conflicts

                  • Key principles to abide with in resolving conflicts and issues
                  • COACH's Framework on Optimal Conflict Reason

                  Session 4: Solution Process and Tools
                  • Familiarization with the COACH 's Issue/Conflict Tool Analytics
                  •  Using the output of analytics to resolve the issue/ conflict 
                  • Step-by-step walk through guide

                  Session 5: Case Analysis and Tool Lab
                  • Tools Usage Familiarization
                  •  Participant Coaching by the Training master during tool usage

                  Session 6: Case Role-plays with Coaching and Critiquing multi-perspective learning during Role-plays:
                  • Learning as the leader resolving the issue/ conflict
                  • Learning while role-paying the issue/conflict source
                  • Learning as a peer observer critic 
                  • Learning from the Training  Master's critique and coaching

                  Date & Time
                  April 1, 2022
                  Start - 8:00 AM
                  May 31, 2022
                  End - 8:30 AM Asia/Manila

                  Live via Zoom

                  --Live via Zoom--
                  --Live via Zoom--
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