Simplified and Systematic Problem Solving (For Managers and Non-managers)

Rowen Untivero

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Problems are often “delegated upwards” tying down superiors to do all the solving. When people try to solve problems with insufficient capability, it could result to disaster or worse, they mutate to more complex problems.

This course simplifies and lays down a system for analyzing and solving problems. A strategic thinker and corporate leader, who has had exposure in almost all industry, spells out simple to follow steps on how to solve problems in business or even at home so people can be more effective back at work!  

April-June 2022, tentative
6 sessions, 2 hours per session
LIVE via Zoom


    This training is for you if you want simplified and systematic approach to problem solving and start solving problems in a way that does not require upward delegation. This includes:

    • Top Management  

    • Middle Managers and Supervisors 
    • Backroom and Support Personnel 

    • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs 


    • Executive Assistants

    • Customer-facing Personnel
    • Professionals


    Part 1: Preparing Dynamic Presentations

                  Session 1: Problem Solving Myths & Malpractices
                  • Common Problem-Solving myths & malpractices
                  • Getting rid of selected current myths and malpractices

                  Session 2Problem Solving Frameworks and Processes 
                  • Problem Solving Principles
                  • The Coach C.R.O.S.S Problem Solving Process
                  • Consequences-Analysis Web Tool
                  • R.O.O.T Cause Determination
                  • Objective and Gap Identification
                  • C.R.OC. In-box-Solution Option Generation
                  • C.R.OC. Out-of-the-box Solution Option Generation
                  • S.K.Y Solution Selection Evaluation Criteria

                  • Case Application of framework and processes
                  • Tool usage familiarization 

                  • Presentation of Individual/Group Work
                  • Peer Input and Cross-Learning
                  • Training Master Coaching and Critiquing
                  • Learning Summary


                  • Packaging Your Data
                  • Packaging Your Story

                  Rowen Untivero

                  Partner and Senior Consultant

                  With more than 3 decades of Training and Consulting experience, Rowen has successfully formed and led many organizations across a wide variety of industries. He has been a valuable contributing member and coach to all kinds of teams from start-ups, on-track, off-track to troubled ones. He has injected science and developed original frameworks, processes, and tools to practicably demystify and systematize leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective coordination, and smoothen communication in organizations. He provides a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to the front-liner and staff member and has had exposure in almost every industry.

                  Date & Time
                  April 1, 2022
                  Start - 8:00 AM
                  May 31, 2022
                  End - 8:30 AM Asia/Manila

                  Live via Zoom

                  --Live via Zoom--
                  --Live via Zoom--
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                  Rowen Untivero

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