Leadership and Management

Enable your leaders do the right things right. 


Course Collection

The Inner Game of Leadership

Help new supervisors and managers transition well with foundational knowledge and skills that make confident, respectful and highly impactful leaders.


The Power of Motivation: Using Incentives and Recognition to Enhance Performance

Improve the capacity of your leaders to design motivation strategies that will result in more targeted and effective company initiatives.


Resolving Organizational and Interpersonal Conflicts and Issues

Equip your leaders with framework, processes, tools and skills to objectively and effectively resolve conflicts at work.


The Power of Contemplative Leadership for Disruptive Times

Set your leaders up for success by helping them discover their own identity and craft a platform to deploy their full leadership potential.


3 Key Competencies in Effective People Management 

Immerse leaders in this 3-in-1 course to effectively manage the trichotomy of key managers' functions: performance, people and rewards. 


Performance Coaching

Empower your teams to reach greater performance results by sharpening the coaching skills of every leader in your organization.  


Emotional Intelligence Growth Program  

Build leaders who are good examples of self-motivation, high productivity, workplace empathy, unyielding commitment among others.  


Practical Resilience   

Prepare leaders to thrive over life’s crises and challenges and  enable their  teams to successfully win over adversities.