Power of Motivation: Using incentives and Recognition to Enhance Performance

Leveraging the Power of Motivation to bring out the best in employees and other critical partners such as an independent sales force and suppliers to ensure excellent  strategy execution.

By Malu Dy Buncio 

Creating and maintaining a motivated workforce requires strategy.  Corporations usually rely the Human Resources Department to create and execute these strategies. However, creating a motivated workplace goes beyond the Human Resources Department.  It requires leadership shared values as well as technical skills.

Direct selling organizations because of their business model (wherein the sales force is not salaried) rely on motivation techniques to guide the independent salesforce in the direction the company wishes them to go.  These techniques can be leveraged by companies that sell in a more traditional manner.  Does the design of motivation incentives differ between salaried employees and independent contractors and sales force differ?  Yes.  Once you understand the principles and techniques used, these principles and techniques can be used to design motivation strategies for salaried employees. 

Learn from a seasoned business leader, one who has managed a P11 billion company with over 1000 employees and 250,000 independent sales representatives, how to motivate employees as well as an independent salesforce, by harnessing the hearts and minds of your associates.


Program Concept:

An interactive learning session that will help you create a motivated workforce through :

  • The role of Leadership in Motivation

  • Shared Values 

  • Positive work environment

  • Incentives

  • Recognition

  • Professional Enrichment

Key Benefits for Companies:

  • Motivated employees result in better execution of strategies, greater teamwork and synergy

  • Understanding of how to design motivation strategies and programs will result in more targeted and effective company initiatives.

Key Benefits for participants:

  • learn how leadership should drive motivation

  • learn how shared values play a great role in motivation

  • learn  how to design a positive work environment

  • learn how encourage the heart through recognition programs and incentive programs

  • learn different methods for personalizing self motivation and enrichment

Target Audience:

  • Those in a leadership role who wish to create an environment wherein associates engage in their in their work with both their hearts and minds

  • Employees moving up the corporate ladder and who are transitioning from managing themselves’ to ‘managing others’

  • Those who are aspiring to lead an organization

  • Heads of companies and Departmental Heads.

  • Sales managers and sales support personnel,

  • Human Resources Departments 

Program Proper:

Day 1

Day 1 will cover:

An Overview of Motivation

Participants will learn the principles of human motivation and how to apply these principles to a work environment. This includes analyzing your needs, crafting personal and corporate values, and creating a positive work environment.  This session will composed of lecture, individual work as well as group work.

Day 2 

Recognition and Incentives

Day 2 will focus on tools and techniques for Encouraging the Heart via Recognition and Incentive Programs. 

The morning will be devoted to Recognition Programs. Recognition Programs are programs that reward desired behavior through programs that recognize ‘the Best of the Best’. The afternoon will be focused on Incentive Programs. Incentive programs are programs that offer rewards for desired behavior through stretch goals.  Both the morning and afternoon sessions will include lecture, individual work and group work..


The methodology used will be built around building blocks: lecture, followed by individual or group wor



Former Executive Director for Regional and Business Development of Avon Products – Asia Pacific, former President director of P.T Avon, Indonesia, former  General Manager of Avon (Philippines), Agora  Awardee (Asia Pacific) ’99, Former VP of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.