Simplified and Systematic Problem Solving (For Managers and Non-managers)

Regardless of position or function, everyone encounters problems in performing their assigned tasks and functions.  Regrettably problems are often “delegated upwards” to superiors most of the time. This reality ties down managers and key company officers, or even the president in spending so much time solving problems of their subordinates. True delegation and empowerment become mere empty slogans if there is insufficient knowledge and capability to back them up. Even worse is when people do try to solve the problems with insufficient capability. This spells disaster or at the very least lost opportunities in terms of time, capital, revenues, profits, customers. But the worst of it all is the silent killer…problems are left to fester and inadvertently allowed to grow to monstrous proportions. Would it not be better to put out small flames or sparks before they engulf the business in an uncontrollable blaze? If so, just like in buildings, there are fire extinguishers per corner or floor, but do people know how to use them? The same is true with problems. Do you have people in every corner who know how to solve problems effectively, logically and timely enough?

Simplified problem solving demystifies by laying down a system for analyzing and solving problems. It spells out in simple to follow steps how to solve problems in business or even at home so people can be more effective back at work! In other words, this is like teaching your people how to use the fire extinguisher in their area, so you don’t have to call the fire department, in your case higher ups. It does not mean they should not communicate because they should. It just provides wider capability to prevent disasters or nip them in the bud.


Key Benefits to Participants

The participants will gain:

  • knowledge of frameworks on problem solving

  • understanding of a simplified set of processes on how to analyze and come up with solutions to problems

  • tools that simplify problem solving

  • added winning confidence points with this important capability


Key Benefits to Companies

Your company will gain:

  • financially from revenues and savings that can be generated with the timely and effective elimination of problems

  • from avoiding opportunity losses and rework time wastage due to poor or lack of capability to solve problems effectively

  • from freeing managers and key company officers by way of capability-backed empowerment of personnel to solve problems that do not require upward delegation

  • from the professional image and perception by customers and other external entities brought about by impressive and timely solutions to customer issues

  • from the impact of a more productive and job-satisfied critical-skills-trained personnel/team

Program Concept:

            The course first stimulates participants into a warmed up learning mode using a parallel simulation that temporarily shelves the pressure of work they left behind, stimulates an atmosphere of wanting to learn and participation without fear of rebuke. After the processing of the said initial activity, participants will gain realizations and insights that will open their minds and put them to participative task for the rest of the program.

By that time, participants are ready to absorb proprietary framework, processes and tools that have been developed by the Training Master himself. These will be delivered to participants by way of interactive lectures and class discussions, supplemented with lively story telling of real cases and examples.

Thereafter, participants are given the exercise opportunity during the tool lab segment, to use the tools provided and apply their newly acquired knowledge of framework and processes to cases that will be provided or even possibly volunteered by participants.  Their workshop output will then be presented to their co-participants and the training master. The presentations will not only provide learning opportunities for the rest of the participants but will also allow an added dimension of analysis and critiquing by those being presented to. Coaching points will then be provided by the Training Master not only for the presenter but also for the rest of the participants. Moreover, coaching points shall allude to framework, processes, and tools provided, while anchored firmly on solid bedrock of reality, based on the valuable and extensive consulting and work experience of the Training Master in multitudes of industries and settings. 

At the very end of the seminar, insights and learning points will be drawn out from the participants and synthesized by the Training Master.


Program Overview:

Opening Activity-Parallel Simulation Game Workshop

Part 1: Problem Solving Myths & Malpractices

  • Common problem solving  myths & malpractices  

  • Getting rid of selected current myths or malpractices 

Part 2: Problem Solving Frameworks and Processes

  • Problem-solving principles

  • The Coach C.R.O.S.S. Problem Solving Process

  • Consequence-Analysis Web Tool

  • R.O.O.T. Cause Determination

  • Objective and Gap Identification

  • C.R.OC. In-box –Solution Option Generation

  • C.R.OC. Out-of-the-box Solution Option Generation

  • S.K.Y. Solution Selection Evaluation Criteria

  • Part 3A: Tool Application Laboratory

  • Case application of frameworks and processes

  • Tool usage familiarization

Part 3B: Presentations of Problems to Solutions

  • Presentations of Individual/Group Work

  • Peer Input and Cross-learning

  • Training Master Coaching and Critiquing

  • Learning Summary



Program Methodology:

Utilizes the following:

  • Interactive Lectures

  • Examples and cases in powerful story format

  • Individual or Buddy/Group work Casework

  • Tool Application Lab


Program Duration:

One (1) Day

Case examples that will be given shall be focused to relate to the participant profile. They may come from the following products/ services / industries as cited below:

  • Advertising

  • Automotive

  • Agriculture

  • Commercial Banking

  • Rural Banking

  • Broadcasting

  • Construction

  • Consumer Durables

  • Direct Selling

  • Distribution

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Food & Beverage

  • Insurance

  • Personal Care

  • Professional Services

  • Retailing

  • Telecom

  • Technology

Case examples of the following scenarios may be cited:

  • Consequence Analysis

  • Root cause determination

  • Objective-gap development

  • Solution option search and development

  • Selection of final solution

  • Selection of back-up solutions

  • Recommending solutions and getting approvals from superiors as needed


Target Audience

  • Top Management

  • Middle Managers and Supervisors

  • Executive Assistants

  • Customer-facing Personnel

  • Backroom and Support Personnel

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Professionals


Know your COACH 


Partner and Senior Consultant

        With more than a quarter century of training and consulting experience, he has successfully formed, led and been a valuable contributing member as well as coached all kinds of teams from start-ups, on-track, off-track to troubled ones; has injected science and developed original frameworks, processes and tools to practicably demystify and systematize leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective coordination and smoothen communication in organizations. He provides a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to that of the front-liner and staff member and has had exposure in almost every industry. Former Country Manager of Alcatel Mobile Phones, Ex-Tupperware, Smart, P&G; co-author, business columnist, former professor of Ateneo de Manila University, MBA studies-De La Salle University, Cum Laude, UP Diliman. Advanced Strategic Leadership, University of Chicago Booth School of Business.