The Power of Communications


I am very fond of saying ‘strategy is execution’. In my opinion, everything hinges on the successful execution of a strategy. In fact, I would rather have a ‘so so’strategy executed well rather than a brilliant strategy executed badly.

Key to the excellent execution of strategy is communications. The ability to sell, the ability to coordinate, the ability to inspire and motivate, the ability to gain approval for projects often hinge on good communication skills. While there are people who are naturally good at communications, communication is a skill and as all skills, it can be learned.

There are many examples of the effect of good or bad execution. Take for instance the ability of the current Valentines campaign of Jollibee to tug at your heart strings.  The story of love unrequited, or the story of where true love prevails are examples of good execution of strategy.  On the other hand, the Executive Order released by Donald Trump regarding the travel ban of citizens of 7 countries resulted in chaos.  American Immigration officers were caught unaware and were unsure of how to execute the Executive Order, airlines scrambled, would be travelers to the US from the 7 countries were caught in limbo, even if they had the correct documentation in place.  Strategy is execution, execution, execution.  Communications is a key component of the successful implementation of strategy.

In the business world, presentation skills include both written and verbal.  Approvals to projects often hinge on a well crafted business presentation.  Make it too long and detailed, you may lose your audience.  Make it too detailed and you run the risk of boring your audience.  It is imperative to understand your audience.

Good communication skills will also enhance the career path of an employee.  It is very difficult to be promoted in an organization if you cannot lead  people.  It is no longer enough to manage one’s self or to merely manage people.  Today, one has to lead people. Today, one has to have the ability to lead the way.  Key to leadership is the ability to inspire, the ability to motivate and the ability to clarify the direction the company or department will take, especially if the direction is difficult or unpopular.

There are many elements to good communications but basically there are two key components. The first is crafting the message and the second is delivering or presenting the message. Both components have distinct principles one can utilize. The message is not the complete without good delivery and it goes to say it is useless to focus on delivery if the message is empty.

This leads to me to the saying ‘all talk and no action’. All through this article, I have focused on communications being a key component to the successful execution of strategy. This means there must be a strategy, there must be a message. Another popular business saying is ‘walk the talk’meaning that as you say, you must do. But this is actually incomplete. ‘Walk the talk and talk the walk’because ... strategy is execution and ... execution is strategy.

Malu Dy Buncio is a Senior Consultant of Corporate Achievers Institute. She is a seasoned business leader who has managed a P11 billion company with over 1000 employees and 250,000 independent sales representatives.  She received awards and citations for her outstanding management which includes the Chairman’s Leadership Awardee (1995), Chairman’s Pathfinder Award for ‘managing thru Political Crises’ (1998),   Pathfinder Award for Unleashing Beauty (1999) and  Asia Pacific Agora Award for Marketing Excellence by Philippine Marketing Association (1999).BY MALU DY BUNCIO